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Quimikoz Del Son release ‘Tu Y Yo’ for radio airplay [AUDIO]


BY TejanoNation Staff @TejanoNation
BY TejanoNation Staff

Latin cumbia fusion band Quimikoz Del Son released their latest single, “Tú Y Yo,” for radio airplay on Tuesday (February 2).

“‘Tu y Yo’ is a blend of sensuality with the taste of urban flow, kinda showing a different side to the diversity of what QDS is known for, and we hope that people will enjoy this bit of art we present to you guys,” Quimikoz Del Son’s Ramon Maldonado told Tejano Nation.

The track, written by Rene Martinez and Maldonado, is the latest single released from the band’s album, Quimikoz 1.0, released in December 2013.  The vallenato version was co-produced by “El Ritmo Llamador” Angel Ibarra, known for his work with many renowned cumbia bands.

The Ft.Worth-based band creates a mixture of vallenato accordion sounds consisting of afro-cuban cumbia beats, reggae rhythms, hip hop layers, and horn ensemble accenting the versatile sound out of the barrio.

“Tú Y Yo” and the Quimikoz 1.0 album are both available for download from the Tejano Nation Amazon MP3 store, just click here.

Learn more about Quimikoz Del Son and get the band’s latest tour dates at

LISTEN: “Tú Y Yo” (Version Vallenata) by Quimikoz Del Son

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