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Beatriz Gonzalez releases ‘Dime’ official video

The Rio Grande Valley singer and songwriter dropped the official video for "Dime."


Silent Giant Entertainment artist Beatriz Gonzalez released the official video for her latest single “Dime” on Saturday (Jan. 2).


The visual for the track, directed by Silent Giant president Edward “E-Dub” Rios, features the singer and her love interest, played by Brian Molina, looking to reconnect throughout the video.

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“Beatriz is an incredible talent, a go-getter, and we love having her on the team,” Rios tells Tejano Nation. “Authenticity and creativity are what set her apart. Her soul is a melting pot of cultures and a true representation of the modern-day Mexican-American.”

“Dime,” produced by Rios and Block Productions, is a remake of the 2008 Ivy Queen hit and is the third single for Gonzalez with Silent Giant.

“Timing is everything to me and it can’t get better than this,” Gonzalez tells Tejano Nation. “After investing years in development, I’ve found my sound and work hard to express it in full. Traditional Tejano sounds embellished with modernized tones and various contemporary instruments. I imagine I have within myself a fusion of genres that authentically blend and represent who I am and where I come from.”

Gonzalez is a captivating songwriter and an ascending artist with a dynamic musical vision. Now with hundreds of thousands of YouTube views and plans for new upcoming releases, Gonzalez is poised to make a significant impact.

“I want my music to have depth, force, and power,” said Gonzalez. “I have one goal in life and this is it: I hope that my music serves as motivation for everyone to give 100 percent, to believe in their own personal importance, and to have the confidence to get noticed.”

The Rio Grande Valley native didn’t wait for anyone to do it for her. She put together a complete presentation: enlisting a producer, musicians, a recording studio, and a video crew. Releasing her music independently, she reached out via Twitter to Los Angeles-based Silent Giant Entertainment who contacted her immediately and finalized a deal.

“We’re excited to see her reach spread, as it will ultimately help her achieve her goal of expanding the Tejano culture that she loves, lives, and breathes,” Rios added.

Silent Giant plans to release a full album from Gonzalez in early 2016, and it will include a duet with former Kumbia Kings vocalist Frankie J and another collaboration with Colombian singer Osmar Escobar.

“This is the opportunity I’ve been patiently waiting for. An album that identifies me, as I hope people identify themselves with,” Gonzalez added. “I am blessed to say, that it’s releasing through Silent Giant Entertainment, a label that fully embraces what I represent personally and artistically.”

Learn more about Beatriz Gonzalez at her official website,, and via social media on Twitter (@B4rmTheV), Instagram (@B4rmTheV), and Facebook (@Beatriz956).

WATCH: “Dime” by Beatriz Gonzalez

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  1. Linda Valles ( Happy)

    nice song


  2. I really like this song she an awesome voice


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