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Los B-OK release “Solo Aqui” official video

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Posts | Bio

Los B-OK  (Los Boyz of Kumbia) gave their fans a Christmas gift with the official video release of their latest single, “Solo Aqui,” on Friday.

“Feliz Navidad! A gift for you all! Our music video ‘Solo Aqui’,” the Fort Worth-based band posted on their official Facebook page on Christmas day.

The visual, directed by Michael Traverzo Acaron, features the band members performing on a sound stage surrounded by water, complete with a beautiful woman drenched by rain.

“For the first time Los B-OK decide to get wet in a music video,” the band posted. “And only in this video will you be able to see it.”

“Solo Aqui,” written by Patricio Sardelli, is the latest single from Los B-OK and is available now at the Tejano Nation Amazon MP3 store, just click here.

WATCH: “Solo Aqui” by Los B-OK

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