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Gringa Novelera: La Tuti consults Barbie dolls on ‘Senora Acero 2’

By Gringa NoveleraTV ContributorTwitter | Facebook
By Gringa Novelera
TV Contributor
Twitter | Facebook

Buenos Dia!!

Nothing is better than knowing that anything can happen at any time, and nowhere on Earth can anything happen at any time than in telenovelas!

Whether you are fluent in Spanish, are learning Spanish, or you are learning Spanish from telenovelas (like me), you need to watch #‎SenoraAcero2‬ on #‎Telemundo!


Well for starters, one of the characters, #‎LaTuti‬, is a small-time drug dealer,
sometime matchmaker and therapist to the children of the Rich and Infamous, and big-time operator and con artist.
But her best quality? She prays to, and consults, with Barbie Dolls before making any life-changing decisions.

I think someone should put Tuti in charge of one of the cartels because when she is in trouble, she talks so much and so fast in that wild Colombian accent of hers that whoever has her in custody will pay anyone anything to take her back.

Since arrests and kidnappings are regular occurrences for the Narcos, Tuti’s limitless and varied conversation-starters are very useful.

Plus, her alliances with Barbie dolls is even more disturbing than El Don El Teca Martinez‘ alliance with Senora Acero’s sister Bertha, which scares everyone because it’s anyone’s guess who is more of a lunatic.

In the meantime, LaTuti is now pregnant with Manuel’s child. Even though it was only a one-night stand, it went on for approximately 36 hours due to some potion Tuti slipped Manuel, and one of those times was bound to work.

Manuel broke the news to Sara just before she went to the forest to kill El Don Teca, and tried to defend himself by explaining that he when he hooked up with Tuti, he had Sara were on a break.

Sara took the news very hard, and it was difficult for her to capture Teca in her laser-sight through her veil of tears.

Her right-hand man and former DEA station chief could see something was wrong, and just before Sara walked into the woods to kill Teca, Doriga begged Sara to confide in him.

There is a time and place for everything, but I’m not sure moments before an assassination is the time and place for anything except making sure the get-away car is gassed up.
But Sara, with her gun in hand and Teca and his clone, his girlfriend, and his household staff breathing down her neck, broke down and sobbed to Doriga that her boyfriend Manuel had managed to get Tuti pregnant.

Doriga, who has lived Sara ever since he first arrested her, tried to move in on Sara then and there, and asked her out to his cousin’s wedding, but Sara dried her tears and walked into the forest to try to kill Teca.

While Teca watched it all because he had sent his clone into that particular arena.

Clones, Barbie Dolls, and unplanned pregnancies.

This show just gets better every day!


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