Stefani Montiel releases teaser for ‘Quien Quiere Shots?’ video

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VMB Music Group released a teaser video of the "Quien Quiere Shots?" video was released on Friday. (YouTube)
VMB Music Group released a teaser video of the “Quien Quiere Shots?” video was released on Friday. (YouTube)

Stefani Montiel is set to premiere the video for her latest hit “Quien Quiere Shots?” on October 20, but she’s sharing a short teaser for her fans a few days early.

The Tejano superstar’s new record label, VMB Music Group, posted the 30 second clip on their official Facebook page on Friday. The teaser video shows Stefani singing and dancing at party on a ranch. The video was shot over this past weekend at a ranch near San Antonio.

“Quien Quiere Shots?” is the first single from Stefani’s upcoming album scheduled to be released soon.

The singer gave thanks to all involved in the weekend video shoot on her Facebook page on Monday, saying it was a team effort to make things happen and get things done.

“My first thanks go out to Gabriel Zavala who worked tirelessly for weeks planning, preparing, setting up and having meetings, writing the script, building the bar for the video (with my dad’s help:), he directed, set up… Well, basically did everything in his power to make this video the best it could be,” Stefani wrote. “The words Thank you could never be enough by any means, but THANK YOU my love… My heart is full and I love so much for all you do for me. You are so talented and amazing in every way.”

“Thanks to Rene Aparicio and Aisha Aparicio for getting the location, putting us in touch with the right people at Brown Dodge in Devine for the gorgeous trucks and Jeep featured in the video, for your friendship and for being an instrumental part of making this video happen,” the singer added.

Stefani also gave thanks to her new sponsors.

“To our new sponsors Diva Tequila, Senorita-Diva Tequila I’m so excited to be working with you and I can’t thank you enough for believing in me and allowing me to represent such a great brand/product! I can’t wait for you to see the video!”

“To Brown Dodge in Devine, thank you for sponsoring us with over a quarter of a million dollars in vehicles for the video…they looked amazing and I look forward to working together again!”

Stefani also thanked VMB Music Group, the record label that the singer signed with just last week.

“To my new Label VMB Music Group, thank you for being there to help us when we needed it! I’m looking forward to a great partnership and CHEERS to our new endeavors!!”

Of course the singer had praise for her band.

“Thanks to my band Sash Sulli, Percy Cardona, Cristina D. Hinojosa and Justin J Leyva for the great work! Also thank you Robby Esparza for recording on the song and the being in the video!”

The video was choreographed by Stefani’s daughter and current Spurs Silver Dancer Ileah Zavala.

“To my beauty Ileah Zavala for the fantastic choreography and bringing the wow factor!”

The video was filmed by one of the hottest directors in Tejano these days, Ryan Bazan.

“Ryan Bazan it was a pleasure working with you,” Stefani said. “I can’t wait to see the final cut!”

With all these pieces coming together, we can’t wait to see the final product as well.  This is sure to be a must see music video and Tejano Nation will premiere it for you when it is released on October 20.

WATCH: Teaser video for “Quien Quiere Shots?” by Stefani Montiel

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