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Revo Live Band releases debut video for new single ‘Me Gusta’

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Posts | Bio
Revo Live Band released their debut video for their latest single “Me Gusta” on Sunday.

Tejano newcomers Revo Live Band released their debut video for their latest single, “Me Gusta,” on Sunday.

“Ladies and gentlemen! We are proud to present our first official music video for our latest single ME GUSTA from our debut album, Bailar Es Mi Vicio,” the band posted on their official Facebook page. “Thank you all for your support! Viva la musica! Puro RevoMania!”

Founded in December 2012 by core members Sergio and Frank Lozano, Revo Live Band is an extension of the unique sound and musical legacy of their grandfather, legendary bandleader Antonio Lozano of Los Bravos de Matamoros, the first Latin group to have the honor of recording the Tejano mantra of the working class, ‘Las Nubes’.

The sons of Antonio Lozano formed the renowned and respected Brownsville, Texas band Grupo La Farra, where Sergio and Frank Lozano began their musical education as children, eventually becoming full fledged band members.

Also contributing to Revo Live Band’s solid international Latin sound is experience in other popular chart topping bands Big Circo and Kingz 1 from Corpus Christi, Texas. This experience included major festival tour performances and television appearances on shows such as Tejano y Mas, Sabado Gigante, El Gordo y La Flaca, Domingo Live and Despierta America.

​By combining their musical heritage, culture and international influences, Revo Live Band produces a unique and exciting fusion of sounds, creating an unforgettable musical performance.

Revo Live Band’s album, Bailar Es Mi Vicio, is available now at your favorite music retailer.

WATCH: “Me Gusta” by Revo Live Band

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