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Lisa Mar releases official video for ‘Shake It Baby’

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Lisa Mar debuted the official video for her dance-able party track “Shake It Baby” on Friday night.

The Ryan Bazan-produced video features Mar and friends having a a fun time with some Diva Tequila product placement throughout the video, the official tequila of TejanoNation.

“Mr. Ryan Bazan is amazing to work with, two great minds that think alike,” Mar told TejanoNation. “I wanted to have fun, but I also wanted the people to hear me and my love for music… I have another passion besides singing and that is dancing…. I wanted to make the video one to remember one that makes your feet tap and gives the people an insatiable desire to dance.”

The motorcycles featured in the video had a special meaning for Mar.

“I love bikes and lost my dear uncle on a motorcycle, so the bike was a little gesture to my uncle Junior who we lost,” she said.

The video concept for the Mario Ortiz-produced track is about dreams becoming reality.

“The idea for the video came to me every time I sat back and listened to the song and closed my eyes and that is exactly why I was dreaming in the video, then woke up,” Mar said. “This video is a symbol of my dream becoming a reality. I also love to have fun and I wanted people to be able to let go and just dance and listen to the music.”

Mar said she was influenced by great Latin artists, as well as the Country and R&B genres of music.

“I had so many influences growing up from Selena, Ana Gabriel, Laura Canales, Elsa Garcia, Shelly, but also a lot of English influence from country to R&B so when you combine all those rhythms this is the result,” she said.

“Shake It Baby” was written by Mar and Carlos Garcia.

“I love music and I would love my fans to not walk away but to dance away,” she added, “I want to leave them wanting more music. This is only the beginning with much more to come.”

WATCH: “Shake It Baby” by Lisa Mar

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