Ram Herrera releases ‘Dime Si Estoy Loco’ official video


Ramiro “Ram” Herrera released the official video for his latest single, “Dime Si Estoy Loco,” on Monday.

Herrera, along with his video co-star, Audrey “Drey” Soto, portray a couple who have called it quits. His loneliness catches up to him which is shown through his actions. (i.e. the special attention he gives to his new dinner companion).  He begins to question his own sanity in the video directed by Julia Pizano And Michael Lopez.

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The single is a track off his new album, Mucho Mas Que Amor, set to be released on July 14, 2015. This is the first album from Herrera under the VMB Music Group record label.

Watch the official video for “Dime Si Estoy Loco” from Ram Herrera

4 comments on “Ram Herrera releases ‘Dime Si Estoy Loco’ official video

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