La Gringa Novelera: El Senor De Los Cielos 3 Recap [July 6, 2015]


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By Gringa Novelera
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lagringanovelerabannerIn tonight’s episode of the Star Crossed Narco Lovers Narco Novela #ElSenorDeLosCielos3, I have to admit I was becoming a little confused and cross-eyed at all of the double/triple crosses going on in the Narco world, and I was hoping that when the World’s Most Corrupt Government Officials From the USA (Agents Andrews Rawlings) got together, they would speak English since they are both GRINGOS.

But they did not, so I’m not sure who is up to what exactly, but I’m certain in involves Death and Money and Drugs.
In that order.

I’m pretty certain now that somehow Agente Andrews (Don El Chema’s inside man) has been promoted, Don El Chema wants him to get the inside scoop on Agente Rawlings.

First of all, I would like to know how Andrews got promoted.
All he ever does is hang out with Chema, eat with El Chema and El Torito, and fool around with all of the hookers who hang out with El Don Chema.

What kind of government job is this exactly, and will he retire with the same pension as all of the other government employees whose days do not revolve around Tequila, blow and hookers.

Somehow it does not seem fair, especially to postal workers who thought that they had cornered the market on not producing a full day’s work, even if there was only 1 hour in a day.

And El Don Chema should keep his corrupt DEA agent Andrews away from El Senor’s corrupt CIA agente Rawlings.

I don’t think that Chema knows that El Senor killed the head of the CIA for Rawlings, who was mad at his boss because he was assigned to spend one winter in Chicago.

So he killed him.

Rawlings could be a very bad influence on Andrews if he tells Andrews he killed his boss.
Andrews might get the idea to kill Chema just so he could have all of the hookers, and El Torito, to himself.

I will have to observe that situation more closely and I’d like to add that any amount of work I do trying to follow this extremely complicated yet very entertaining novela is more work that either Agente Rawlings or Andrews have done their whole careers, and as a taxpayer I object.

When El Don Chema assigned Andrews the task of doing something bad to Rawlings, Chema told him that he had Rivero, Chief of Security for the whole country of Mexico (which is almost as great a job as Chief of Security for the #‎PremiosTuMundo‬ on #‎Telemundo‬) covered.

What’s his plan?

He’s sending in LaRutilla to steal his heart and his battle plan against the Narcos.

Chema gave this job to the right person.

Apparently, even though LaRutilla Casillas is the daughter of Mexico’s biggest and most wanted Narco, and she is a Narca in her own right (if she and Monica and Christina ever get their meth lab off of the ground), La Rutilla can just stroll into the center of power for Mexico’s security forces and make out with it’s Chief.

I object!

Here’s why:

When I try to write a check at The Gap, they treat me like I am Al Queda applying for a passport.

I can’t get backstage at a concert. Even a piano concert.

If I tried to sneak into the #PremiosTuMundo awards by walking in backwards pretending I was leaving, the whole scene and ensuing arrest would be shown in a Very Special and Glamorous Episode of “Cops.”

But LaRutilla had the run of the Department of Defense.

Maybe I should start crying more and dressing less.

I have a lot more to tell you but my eyes are closing so I’ll finish mañana!

Hasta pronto!

Tomorrow I’ll tell you about the face-off between La Rutilla and La Columbiana!
It was like a Narca version of ‪#‎MeanGirls‬.


Muchas gracias!!



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