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La Gringa Novelera: ‘We’re Not In A Telenovela….”

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My favorite moment in any telenovela is when one character makes fun of another character by telling them “We’re not in a telenovela…”

I’m happy to report I got that moment tonight in the RevengeOpenHeartSurgeryNarcoNovela ‪#‎ElSenorDeLosCielos3‬ on‪#Telemundo‬.

Tonight CIA Agente Tim “El Gringo” Rawlings tells The Minister of Defense Rivera that Rivera is “not in a telenovela!”

Really, El Gringo?

Because when you’re a CIA Agent whose wife has left you because you had your boss killed by the World’s Biggest Narco, and you’re comparing notes on girl-trouble with the Minister of Defense, who has a crush on the daughter of the World’s Biggest Narco who has a child with the World’s Second-Biggest Narco and runs her own meth-lab in between shopping sales at Forever 21, I’ll tell you what you’ve got, Agente Rawlings.

You’ve got yourself a telenovela!

El Senor De Los Cielos / Telemundo

Please tell me that in the Teenage Girls Running A Drug Empire In Between Shopping At Zara Narco Novela ‪#‎ElSenorDeLosCielos3‬, no one is seriously counting on either one of these two to make Meth.

I just think they like to hang out in the lab because the stainless-steel counters remind them of mirrors.

This show is FANTASTICO tonight!!



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