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La Gringa Novelera: Tierra De Reyes Preview [June 28, 2015]

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Buenos noches!

I used to dread Sunday nights!
But then I started watching telenovelas on #Telemundo to learn Spanish, and EVERYTHING changed!!

Mondays were never fun, but watching telenovelas on #Telemundo makes them WILD!!

What will tomorrow bring on the SwitchedAtBirthHorseNovela #TierraDeReyes‬??
Well now that Cayetana is going to marry that boob of an ex-son-in-law of hers, Leonardo, all bets are off.

What I would like to see is a double wedding:
Cayetana and Leonardo,
and Ulysis and Patito.

Both of these marriages are probably illegal in 17 states, but who cares??
This would be a very fun double-wedding, as long as the dress code is “Black Tie Optional, Bulletproof Vest Mandatory.”

I predict no one will show up from the Del Junco side, unless they are allowed to punch and kick Leonardo in the Receiving Line.

Ulysis and Patito’s wedding will be loads of fun and will draw a lot of guests, but most of them will be Domestic Violence Advocates and NBA & NFL stars, to see how Ulysis gets away with choking, kidnapping,drugging and imprisoning Patito on a regular basis.

I’ll tell you how right now: CHARM.

And Isa Valverde, on the run from the law for kidnapping, torture and Attempt Murder, is basically at a Club Med for fugitives, getting massages, facials, and lots of ammo for her highly anticipated return.

I can tell you for a fact that Isa is having much more fun as a fugitive than those two horrible New York murderers who escaped from prison with the help of their unfortunate gal pal.

Isa even prank/crank-called her father, her victim/crush Arturo, and her boyfriend Leonardo, all while getting a poolside massage!!

She is my idol!
Who lives like this?!?

That’s who!!

If you are not watching telenovelas on #Telemundo, you might need to check your pulse.


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