Ricky Valenz comments on A.B. Quintanilla Tejano Explosion viral video

Ricky Valenz peforms at 2015 Tejano Explosion in San Antonio on April 21, 2015. (Ricky Valenz Facebook)
Ricky Valenz peforms at 2015 Tejano Explosion in San Antonio on April 21, 2015. (Ricky Valenz Facebook)

SAN ANTONIO – 2013 Tejano Music Awards Male Vocalist of the Year Ricky Valenz released a statement on his official Facebook page on Tuesday about the A.B. Quintanilla Tejano Explosion video that went viral last week.

The YouTube video allegedly shows the Kumbia King Allstarz frontman commenting about the performance at Tejano Explosion on April 21 in San Antonio.

“I’m sorry I don’t got no confetti for you, no fancy smoke, all I’ve got for you is just hits.” Quintanilla said.

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Now, Valenz has shed some light on what happened the night both stars performed at the Fiesta event.

“As many already know in this business with so many people involved, with each and every artist, band, or squad/team out there, it leaves many opportunities and much room for moments of misunderstandings and disagreements, but most of the time its really nothing that a simple one on one conversation cannot easily squash, fix and be moved on from,” Valenz said.

“Fortunately for everyone at this point I do want to let you all know that AB Quintanilla, myself and my SBE team have all spoke, connected and squashed the misunderstanding that stemmed from a ‘Hired Production Team’, removing production equipment from the stage as the Kumbia Allstarz were getting ready to hit the stage,” Valenz continued. “Our Team, and AB both asked them not to remove the stuff, but they were merely going on the orders of their boss who was not present at the time. Again we both agreed that it was all a combination of a few simple misunderstandings, that grew into a big one that really didn’t need to happen but only be discussed and hashed out internally.”

“In the end the whole incident was not our fault, nor AB’s fault, just a guy from an outside party doing what ‘he thought’ was his job,” Valenz added.

Valenz said he had respect not only for A.B. but the whole Quintanilla family.

“I personally do still hold respect for ‘AB Q’ as a mentor and friend and will always hold respect to the entire Quintanilla familia for what they have done for La Onda Tejana as well as what they brought to Latino Music as a whole along with the amazing legacy of ‘Selena’ and how her y Los Dinos have opened up many doors for artists like myself,” he said.

Valenz appreciated the support of his fans since the video went viral.

“I do appreciate all of you followers, family, friends and my entire SBE familia for your constant love, support, encouragement and backing during this matter and misunderstanding,” he said.

Valenz asked his fans to refrain from any negativity from this unfortunate misunderstanding.

“As for now, I do choose to let it go nor do I want to promote any hate or negativity towards AB Quintanilla, the Quintanilla family or Los Kumbia King All Starz,” he said. “So, I do respectfully ask and encourage you all at this point, especially all of my followers to please try to refrain from posting or continuing to comment on AB Q’s page or posts in direct regards to this situation.”

Read the full statement from Valenz.

2 comments on “Ricky Valenz comments on A.B. Quintanilla Tejano Explosion viral video

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  2. Christina

    Equitment that should have been removed or not, AB Quintanilla choose to make his rude comments.


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