La Fiebre Releases Statement For Confused Promoters And Fans

lafiebre_nuevaeraLa Fiebre is hoping to clear up some confusion for promoters, club owners and fans with a statement released on the band’s official Facebook page Monday. 

“The Pride Of Pasadena,” currently on a promotional tour for their latest album Nueva Era, says that promoters and fans are confused with their appearances and those of former La Fiebre singer and original member Pete Espinoza, currently on his own Borracho De Besos Tour.

“Borracho De Besos,” released in 1991, was the band’s first smash hit from the album On The Rise.

Read the full statement below:

“La Fiebre has always existed as a band; a one unit team contributing to La Fiebre.

Just like many other bands in all genres of music; musicians come and go to pursue other dreams BUT the bands remain a band and continue.

We are no different.

We have had many leave and return while the band continued as the original La Fiebre with the classic, powerhouse Tejano sound that makes La Fiebre.

We regret many of you thought you were hiring the Band, La Fiebre.

We post all our events on all La Fiebre social media networks.

You may check our which contains a direct link to La Fiebre’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Myspace accounts.

This is the way you can confirm official announcements, scheduled performances and/or events.

Promoters and Club Owners please contact our booking manager, Paul Ybarra at 281-300-0974.

Thank you all for your love and support for La Fiebre and our music! God bless you all!”

The band hopes this statement helps promoters, club owners and fans confirm what event they’re booking or attending.

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