Lucky Joe pauses concert to find lost boy

The two-time Latin Grammy nominated artist helped find a little boy during a Cinco de Mayo concert.

Lucky Joe | Instagram

Lucky Joe paused his concert on Saturday night (May 6) to help find a little boy that went missing for a moment during his performance at the Cinco de Mayo event in Waxahachie, Texas.


According to an Instagram post shared by the award-winning singer on Monday, a friend of the parent of the little boy sent a message to Lucky Joe thanking the musician for stopping his performance while the child was located.

The message said, “My best friend’s little boy was missing and you completely stopped playing and kept calling his name, asked people to unite and help find him. He of course was in a bounce house and was found. But you did not continue playing your music until you knew he was found. That is respect and so much appreciated. He is not my baby boy but he is like my own son, our hearts stopped for that time frame.”

Lucky Joe commented on the message. “As a parent, I can’t even begin to imagen what I would feel if I lost one of my children,” he said. “And if I was in that same situation I would hate for the band to be playing while I’m looking for my child. I was so happy when they found little Mac, I think we all were. Gracias a Dios!”

Lucky Joe plans to release his sixth solo studio album, Pa’ Que No Te Cuenten, via Freddie Records on May 19, 2023.

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