‘Bumper’s Wacky Wednesday’ Podcast Celebrates 3 Years of Highlighting Tejano Culture

The weekly podcast features interviews with singers, musicians, and advocates of Tejano and Conjunto music

Bumper Gomez | Courtesy photo

SAN ANTONIO, TX — Bumper’s Wacky Wednesday, a video podcast that highlights Tejano culture each week, celebrates three years of in-depth and fun interviews with trending topics en La Onda Tejana from Tejano legends to emerging artists, musicians, and advocates of Tejano and Conjunto music.


The podcast is hosted by Bumper Gomez, a Marine veteran and passionate Tejano culture fan, who began the show during the pandemic in March 2020 as a way to discuss music and topics at a time when we were locked down in our homes.

“Me and my two older daughters decided to go live on Facebook and just play music and having a good time with our friends,” Gomez tells Tejano Nation. “We did it one Wednesday, then another Wednesday, and another Wednesday.”

Gomez came up with the name of his podcast by chance when he saw a flyer from a San Antonio pizza place that featured “wacky Wednesday” specials. He began to invite Tejano artists to be a part of the show which quickly grew with a fanbase as Gomez provided fun in-depth long-form interviews, some lasting three hours.

“It really worked out well and with the grace of God we’re still going strong even after COVID settled down,” said Gomez. “The show expanded a little more and once we got a few heavy hitters in there it was all history after that.”

The show has featured conversations with Tejano legends including Little Joe, David Lee Garza, Shelly Lares, and others, plus some of the rising stars in Tejano music.

Bumper Gomez with Little Joe | Courtesy photo

“I love our culture. I love our music,” added Gomez. “I don’t want our music or our culture to ever be in the past. I want it to remain relevant. I want people to know there are new artists out there, there are still people grinding and making music, performing concerts and dances. If anybody has a doubt that Tejano music isn’t moving forward, well they’re mistaken.”

Gomez won Best Podcast Personality at the third annual All-Star Music Awards last year. The podcast has led to other projects for the award-winning host, including hosting major Tejano events like Milwaukee’s Mexican Fiesta in 2022 and the 3rd annual Premios Tejano Mundial in San Antonio this past February.

Watch “Bumper’s Wacky Wednesday” live each week at 7:30 pm CT on Facebook and YouTube, where you can view past episodes.

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