Little Joe discusses NEA Fellowship, career longevity, and more with ‘Domingo Live’

The music legend spoke about his recent accolade, maintaining his legacy, and much more with 'Domingo Live'

Little Joe on “Domingo Live”
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Music legend Little Joe was recently named a National Heritage Fellow by the National Endowment for the Arts, and the 82-year-old singer discussed the award, his career longevity, and much more in an interview with Domingo Live.


The national music icon shared his thoughts on his latest accolade with Domingo Live host Rudy Treviño. “This is really a great way for me to, I guess to say, put the cherry on top. I never expected it,” said Little Joe. “As a matter of fact, as a kid when I started my music career I never expected awards and I never did music for awards. I’ve been so blessed to have received awards from so many different organizations for so many causes, I mean literally hundreds. But this last award, like I said really the cherry on top of the cake, I mean it’s the top award in the nation and I’m really, really happy about it, and gracias a Dios y toda la gente that made it possible.”

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The NEW Fellowship presentation is expected to take place in Washington, DC, on Thursday (March 9), but the multiple GRAMMY winner won’t be able to attend because of his benefit concert for his hometown’s Temple Education Foundation on Friday (March 10).

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“I feel awfully bad about having to pass on not being there in D.C. for the award presentation, but you know, you can’t do everything in life but how about doing everything you can do,” he said.

Little Joe also shared his thoughts about maintaining his legacy and advice for new Tejano talent.

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