Jaime DeAnda jams with The Ybarra Boyz, young musicians featured in recent viral videos

The brothers consider the Conjunto icon one of their biggest influences

Jaime DeAnda with The Ybarra Boyz | Photo: Lisa Marie/Tejano Nation

Tejano and Conjunto icon Jaime DeAnda met with The Ybarra Boyz, the young musicians and brothers, Abraham and Rogelio Ybarra, who has been featured in recent viral TikTok videos.


The duo from McAllen, Texas, have garnered thousands of views for their videos sharing a passion for Tejano and Conjunto music, which started at a very young age for the brothers, Abraham, 9, and Rogelio, 11.

Recently, the brothers shared with Tejano Nation they wanted to meet DeAnda, one of their major influences. Tejano Nation was able to make that happen for the boys.

“It was awesome meeting Rogelio and Abraham,” DeAnda tells Tejano Nation. “It took me back to when I was their age and how bad I wanted to learn and play on stage one day.”

Tears were about to come out of my eyes when I saw the expression on the boys’ faces. You could see the passion and love they have for the music.

DeAnda added, “I still can’t believe that me, Jaime, is inspiring young kids to see and feel the love of music I have inside.”

The singer and accordionist shared advice to the brothers and anyone beginning their musical journey at a young age.

“Finish your education which is the most important goal in your life and make mom and dad proud,” he said. “If you have respect, passion, and love from the heart about music it will show when you’re learning how to play any instrument, especially the accordion.”

The brothers were surprised and excited when told they were meeting one of their favorite musicians and both felt nervous and shocked at the same time. Roy observed how DeAnda played the accordion because he said, “Every musician has a unique way of playing their own instruments.”

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“It felt great playing with a great music legend,” said the brothers. “It feels awesome to be recognized at our age because we are kids. Conjunto and Tejano music is just awesome. It also feels great to be interviewed, we get to tell everyone our story in how we got started, but most kids our age get to see what we do.”

The boys’ parents, Yvette and Roy Ybarra commented, “My husband and I have experienced sincere comments from fans/supporters, but what really makes our day is knowing that our kids have touched many people’s hearts. Especially when we see the comments from the music that the boys play brings back so many memories from their parents, grandparents, tios, etc. We want to thank all of our boys’ followers and supporters and hopefully, our boys can continue to bring a smile to others and inspire the young generation to play the music that comes from our roots.”

The Ybarra Boyz confirmed they will make their debut performance at the Tejano Music Awards Fan Fair at historic Market Square in downtown San Antonio, Texas, on March 18, 2023, at the Gateway Stage from 5:20 pm – 6:00 pm.

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My name is Lisa Marie, Also known as Lilymarie I'm a Social media influencer with a passion for Tejano music and culture in San Antonio, Texas.

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