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Cristelo delivers mariachi track ‘Mas Tequila Por Favor’ from upcoming solo album

The Brown Express singer is working on a 10-track solo album.

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Cristelo Valverde continues towards his solo project as the singer released his latest single, the mariachi track “Mas Tequila Por Favor” on Friday (Feb. 17).


Cristelo has been singing since the age of 8 and was inspired by many Tejano icons such as Jay Perez, Ram Herrera, Emilio Navaira, Ricardo Castillon and the list goes on. In 2016, Cristelo was picked up by Rick Fuentes and The Brown Express as an animator and vocalist. Since then, the last seven years of commitment to Brown Express have allowed Cristelo to network in the Tejano community and find interest in creating his own projects and sound.

“There are so many genres of music to choose from as an artist, but I chose Tejano music because it is where my heart is,” Cristelo tells Tejano Nation. “It’s not about the fame or the money, but more importantly the cultura (culture) and the smiles behind the fans, friends, and family”

“Mas Tequila Por Favor” is Cristelo’s third solo single and was written by legendary songwriter Humberto “Beto” Ramon and delivers inspiring lyrics.

“My family and friends mean the world to me and to celebrate with a shot of Tequila always feels like it’s a party and celebration of life. So this was instantly a hit for me,” said Cristelo.

Cristelo is currently recording his solo album with producer Fabian Hernandez.

“(He) has listened to every idea mentioned,” said Cristelo. “He is professional in the whole process and I look forward to finishing up my full 10-track album with him.”

Cristelo — “Mas Tequila Por Favor”
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