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Anikka shares personal experience with Shelly Lares-produced ‘Óyeme’

The Tejano newcomer drops a beautiful, smooth progressive Tejano ranchera for her sophomore single

Courtesy of Shell Shock Records 3

Tejano icon Shelly Lares continues to showcase the next generation of Tejano stars as part of her LMD Productions and Shell Shock Records 3 label. “Little Miss Dynamite” plans to release a new single each Friday during the month of February. This week it’s Tejano newcomer Anikka with her sophomore single “Oyeme.”


Anikka has always had a passion for music since the age of three years old. When Edcouch, Texas singer turned 10 years old, she joined her school’s Mariachi group and that’s when her love for music grew more than she could have ever imagined. Throughout her teen years, she began performing at local festivals and events which really helped her grow as a performer and young artist. During her adolescent years, she began singing at competitions and talent contests like Tejano Idol, Finding the Next Diva Tejana, and even international shows like The Voice, which became a staple in Anikka’s upbringing as an aspiring singer and artist on the rise.

“My sophomore single means so much to me because it has such a personal and emotional meaning behind it,” Anikka tells Tejano Nation. “How it came about was in a moment of sadness and confusion. I was going through a tough time with a romantic partner and all I wanted was to be heard and understood and that’s where the name ‘Óyeme’ comes from. From a place in my heart where only music could fill up those empty words, I needed to hear to feel seen and listened to.”

For her latest release, Anikka was inspired by a song from a Tejano icon that helped her heal during that time. The song was “Dile Tu” by David Marez, known by Tejano music fans as “La Voz de Oro” (The Golden Voice).

“That song in particular helped me recover and heal emotionally while also starting the foundation and concept of ‘Óyeme,'” commented Anikka. “That’s when I immediately rushed in excitement to my producer and mentor LMD, Shelly Lares, and she knew right away that it was something special.”

“Óyeme” was co-written by Anikka, Lares, and José Rosario. Anikka is thankful to be working with these music industry veterans, as well as all the engineers and musicians that worked hard on her latest single and debut single, “Si Mañana No Me Ves.”

“I wanted people to hear her talent and how unique her voice is, it’s very different,” said Lares of Anikka. “We were like, ‘How about a beautiful ranchera?’ I think it’s a beautiful color of a song. She’s just an incredible vocalist. Y’all don’t even know, she’s just so good!”

Anikka added, “Without this incredible team of brilliant minds working together, I wouldn’t be here sharing what I love doing most in this world. To all the fans and supporters who continue to show me support and love, it will always be appreciated.”

“Óyeme” is now available on all digital platforms. Follow Anikka on all social media platforms to stay up to date with any new music and upcoming events.

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