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Erika Renée teams with Alizé Niño for ‘Acércate’ collaboration

The two emerging Tejano singers collaborate on the original song composed by Erika Renée.

SAN ANTONIO, TX — Emerging artist Erika Renée released a collaboration with another rising female Tejano singer Alizé Niño. “Acércate” is the first release of 2023 for the San Antonio singer and her first approach to the Norteno Light sound, since her previous songs featured the Tejano, Tex-Mex, Regional Mexican, and even Banda styles, which achieved great results and a favorable responses from her fans.


“Acércate” was written by Erika Renée. In addition to being one of the rising singers in Tejano, she is one of the most outstanding composers, with stories that range from the typical experiences of love and heartbreak to catchier and more contagious lyrics with a danceable melody like her previous release “Un Beso,” a song that placed her on the international scene.

“’Acércate’ started out as a different song at the beginning. I wanted to write a song in which couples could cuddle and love each other in a very tender way and it ended up being “Acércate;” said Erika Renée. 

The production of “Acércate” was carried out in two parts. The first was the recording of the instruments with producer Mario Ortiz and the second part was producer Gabriel Adrian Vasquez recording the vocals adding the talented Alizé Niño, an emerging singer in Tejano, adding her powerful voice to the unique sound of Erika Renée, to create a strong, danceable melody, full of nuances and above all with the excellent mix of styles that turn the single into a musical collaboration like no one has seen for a long time.

“The idea of ​​the collaboration was born between my producer Adrián Vazquez and me,” said Erika Renee. “We wanted to invite a new, fresh voice, so the search began and we found Alizé Niño. She is a very beautiful, talented, and perfect young woman for the song.”

Erika Renee reached out to her good friend DJ Tiger Maes looking for a singer to collaborate with that would mix perfectly with her own voice. He suggested Alize Nino.

“I really loved the idea and how it turned out. she perfectly sealed the song with our voices,” added Erika Renee.

Erika Renée — “Acércate” featuring Alizé Niño
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Erika Renée is making her way independently in the music industry at her own pace, doing things in a more conscious and thoughtful way with the quality that her fans deserve.

This past year, Erika Renée stood out in an extraordinary way with the hit “Un Beso” placing herself as one of the most popular stars of Grupera music in the United States, Mexico, and as well in some Central and South American countries. She received several nominations in Lo Mejor de 2022 with Solo Gruperas, a blog dedicated exclusively to popular music recorded with a female voice and where online public votes determine the winners. The Chihuahua-born singer-songwriter prevailed in three of the six categories in which she was nominated including Cumbia of the Year, Tejano Hit of the Year, and Most Popular Tejano Singer.

“When I entered the music industry I didn’t do it with the intention of being nominated for anything or winning awards, none of that. I just had the intention of writing something beautiful, sharing i. Thank God people are enjoying my creations,” said Erika Renée. “When they told me that they nominated me, I was super excited and to be nominated next to super talented women, wow! It’s the best and since I started to hear that I won awards, I was speechless. I cried with pure happiness because it feels beautiful that people take their valuable time and vote for the music that you make with so much effort. It feels nice to see that people are voting and enjoying my songs.”

Erika Renée’s professional career began in 2019 with the release of her debut single “Tu Chaparrita.” Since then she has been publishing songs written by herself and recorded in Texas with the support of top-level musicians. and extensive experience.

“I never imagined that my music would reach this far, but thank God, thanks to you, to the radio listeners, the radio DJs, the internet, thank you very much for sharing our music if it weren’t for you our music might not be and we hope to visit you soon,” she said.

Erika Renée plans to perform outside the United States, especially in Monterrey with a live show in front of her growing fanbase.

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