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Shelly Lares commands the stage during an incident at her final Mexican Fiesta performance

The Tejano icon kicks man off stage who tried to interrupt her performance at Mexican Fiesta in Milwaukee on Aug. 27.

Shelly Lares | Photo by Tommy Gunz Event Photographer

Tejano icon Shelly Lares is in the last month few months of her LMD Legacy Tour, her final tour before retiring from performing at the end of the year. “Little Miss Dynamite” made her final appearance at the Mexican Fiesta in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a music festival she has been a part of since 1992. The Tejano R.O.O.T.S. Hall of Famer closed out the night on Saturday (Aug. 27) when something unusual happened on stage.


Lares was belting out the classic song “Volver, Volver” when a man stepped on stage trying to end the performance in the middle of the song, according to a video posted on social media. The video shows Lares correcting the man for rudely interrupting her performance.

Video courtesy of John “Jojo” Obregon
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Lares commented on the incident via social media. “I was performing my LAST song and mid-singing someone from the staff who reeked of alcohol by the way came ON STAGE tapped my shoulder and signal cut with finger to the throat! Infuriated me because a true professional staff or stage manager (which I don’t believe he was or if he wasn’t carrying on like one) will signal from the SIDE OF THE STAGE. Again I was fully aware of the time and we weren’t over. You just don’t do that, to anyone. It’s disrespectful while I’m in mid-emotion with the fans. I’m sorry but I don’t disrespect so I don’t accept it either. I handled it the way my father raised me. It wasn’t just a random fan that slipped by security.”

Lares was able to finish her performance. A similar situation happened to multiple GRAMMy-winning Tejano supergroup La Mafia a few weeks earlier at their performance in Toledo, Ohio. It was cut short in the middle of the first song when security said the concert was over its time limit.

Shelly Lares sets the man straight on stage after he interrupted her performance. | Photo by Dino Calvillo

The final performance from Shelly Lares and her Ladies of Tejano Takeover Showcase featuring the next generation of female Tejano singers including Monica Saldivar, Crystal Torres, Demmi Garcia, and Sonja De La Paz were just a few of the highlights of the annual Mexican Fiesta three-day music festival.

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