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Los Palominos release ‘No Le Digas A Nadie’ official music video

The GRAMMY-winning group dropped the music video for their cover of Los Humildes 1970s hit song.

Los Palominos — “No Le Digas A Nadie”
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Los Palominos released the official music video for “No Le Digas A Nadie,” their cover of a classic hit from Los Humilides.


James Arreola, the lead singer of Los Palominos, stated it was the idea of Freddie Martinez Jr, Vice President of Operations and co-owner of the group’s record label Freddie Records, for the GRAMMY-winning group to showcase their unique style with the 1970s hit song.

This recording seemed to play with a little different flow but turned out amazing with their newest band member, and lifetime friend, Danny Martinez. “I remember growing up listening to Los Palominos and now, almost by chance, from working in the same town, I get to perform with them and be a part of such an iconic band. It really was a dream come true,” said Martinez.

Recovering from Covid, many projects and festivities were put on hold over the past two years, including the group’s annual cruise ship performance, but thankfully returned home safe from Vegas Tejano Takeover earlier this month.

The Arreola brothers — James, Julio, and Jorge — are all excited to be back to business and performing for their awesome fans and can’t wait to continue making music to complete their 30-year anniversary album before the end of the year and look forward to seeing everyone at their annual Palominos Fest, scheduled for Labor Day weekend, September 3, 2022, in Uvalde, Texas.

James stated, “My thoughts and prayers are still with the victim’s families from the horrific school shooting and it’s a grieving process that will take time and something I and my hometown will never forget.”

On May 24, a gunman killed 19 students and two teachers and injured 17 others at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde.

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