Inaugural Guadalupe Conjunto Awards celebrates today’s stars and pioneering legends

Ramon Lucio, Cindy Ramos, The Homeboyz and Conjunto legends recognized at inaugural awards show in McAllen, Texas on June 25.

Ramon Lucio Male Entertainer of the Year

This inaugural Guadalupe Conjunto Awards ceremony took place on June 25, 2022, at La Lomita Park in McAllen, Texas, with CHR Records President/CEO Rick Garcia as the master of ceremonies and Hilda Llamas belting out the National Anthem to begin the ceremonies. All while, Cindy Ramos y Su Conjunto took home three awards including Female Entertainer of the Year, Juan “Guero” Garcia for Drummer of the Year, and Javier Solano for Accordion Player of the Year.


It was a full house with plenty of love for all the Conjunto artists, along with some amazing music and dancing. Ramon Lucio of Ramon Lucio y Dominante gave a very beautiful, humbling speech while winning his first award ever, Male Entertainer of the Year. Javier Solis y Los Unikoz took home the award for Conjunto Band of the Year. Eddie Gonzales was awarded Bass Player of the Year, Roger Ramirez, Bajo Player of the Year, while Los Chamacos took Conjunto Single of the Year and The Homeboyz for Conjunto Album of the Year.

This year’s Guadalupe Conjunto Awards were very special and took the time and effort to recognize many outstanding pioneer legends from this Conjunto genre. One of which was Ruben Loredo, who mentioned while being drafted into the U.S. Army, “I’ll be all right as long as I have my accordion.”

Rene Joslin stated he just loves doing what he does and will continue to do so as long as he can so Conjunto music can live on forever.”

Gilberto Garcia Sr, stated it was a long time coming to be recognized and honored in Conjunto music and was very pleased in doing so. Norfelia Layton, Bobby D Salinas, Pepe Maldonado, and Daniel Rubio were some of the other outstanding pioneering legends to have received awards for all their hard work and contributions to Conjunto Music.

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Guadalupe Productions is owned by Andrew Belmarez, aka Kumba Champz, DJ and promoter for over 30 years, and named the awards in honor of his late mother Guadalupe. Mary Jane Segura, a member of the South Texas Conjunto Association, Mary Ellen Botello, Executive Assistant, and Esther Serrata Stephens, owner of Serrata Productions. All which do it for the music and love for all the artists that truly deserve to be recognized for this generation and all the years to come.

Guadalupe Productions Mary Jane Segura, Esther Serrata Stephens, Andrew Belmarez, Mary Ellen Botello

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