Chris Perez has a collaboration with David Lee Garza on the way

The GRAMMY-winning musician and the Tejano icon are working on new music together.

David Lee Garza and Chris Perez in the studio. | Photo: Instagram/@ChrisPerezNow

The distinctive accordion sound of David Lee Garza has been featured on many Tejano songs over the years and the squeezebox skills of the Tejano icon will be part of an upcoming collaboration with Chris Perez soon.


The GRAMMY-winning guitarist shared photos of a recent studio session on Instagram that reveals the former Los Dinos member and Garza working on new music.

Perez captioned the photos: “Last night in the recording studio was one for the books. I got to work with some awesome friends/musicians, I actually sang lead vocals on a song (you’ll hear it soon), and I got to work with an icon of tejáno music that I love and have MAD respect for (Davíd Lee Garza on accordion)! Pinch me (and get slapped back, lol!) Cain’t wait for you guys to hear it.”

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The images also appear to show veteran drummer Joey “JMZ” Jimenez in the studio session as part of the “awesome friends/musicians” Perez hinted to in the caption.

Perez has recently collaborated with Siggno for the hit song “Verdade Que Duele,” which won Collaboration of the Year at Premios Tejano Mundial last month. He also displayed his guitar skills in the recent collaboration with MJ Songstress for a reimagined version of “Oye Como Va.”

The pics also indicate that Perez gave Garza a bottle of his award-winning Perez Pepper Sauce, a gourmet hot sauce that won first place in two categories at the Golden Chile Awards in 2020.

Are you excited for this collaboration with Chris Perez and David Lee Garza? Let us know in the comments below.

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