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Miguel Hernández declares true love is worth preserving with ‘Acuérdate’

The latest single from the veteran singer, songwriter, and producer is about fighting for true love.

Miguel Hernández is a veteran Tejano musician and vocalist, who has performed with late Tejano icon Jimmy Gonzalez, Patsy Torres, Stefani Montiel, and Jay Perez. The singer, songwriter, and producer has released his latest single, “Acuérdate,” a song about fighting for true love.


“The song hits people at a different level because it’s more relatable, you know for relationships, and going through bad times but there’s still love there,” Hernández tells Tejano Nation. “We get to that breaking point where we’re just like it’s over but you sit back and remember why you guys found love and the reasons why you fell in love and we need to work on that again. Who can’t relate to something like that?”

Hernández released his Lucky No. 7 EP in May 2021, and this latest single, co-written by Hernández and Jonathan Espinoza, will be part of the highly-anticipated Lucky No. 7 (Deluxe Edition) album, which will feature two versions, one with radio edits and another with a spotlight on musicians.

“It’s a very different album. I’m actually very excited to talk about it because we’re releasing two albums, it’s going to be the same album just two different versions,” he said. “One is going to be a radio-friendly version the other is going to be an extended play version and these versions are really showcasing just the musicians and the talent, you know the hidden gems I guess you could say, that can really jam out, they can shred, you know do whatever. So it’s going to be really interesting and I’m excited about it.”

“Acuérdate” is available to stream or download on all digital music platforms. The Lucky No.7 (Deluxe Edition) albums are expected to be released in February.

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