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Anjelique discusses the issue of bullying and celebrates ‘glow up’ transformation with ‘Como Te Gusta’

The song about bullying and transformation will be part of Anjelique's highly-anticipated fourth album.

Courtesy of Zeravla Entertainment

Sweetwater, TX – Two-time Tejano Music Awards winner Anjelique, along with Sweet City Band, is excited to announce the release of “Como Te Gusta,” the latest single from the West Texas-based group.


The song lyrics reflect the issue of bullying, which is evident in the minor key of the music reflecting the challenges some people experience. This song really hits home for the people who struggled through their teenage years and is about empowerment for a victim of bullying. Bullying comes in many forms. This song targets the peer pressure of having the looks that come from social media and their peers. As the song progresses, the bullied person has a physical and emotional “glow up”. The song switches to a major key as she blossoms into a beautiful person on the outside and inside.

“Como Te Gusta” was written by Eddie Medrano, one of the original band members from Sweet City Band. It will be featured on the highly-anticipated fourth studio album, due out this December.

The song was originally going to be released on the debut album from 2002 but the song didn’t make the cut. It has now come full circle and has found a place on her upcoming album.

“Como Te Gusta” was produced by Jimmy Garcia, drummer for Sweet City Band, and recorded at Studio 29, engineered by Isak A. The song was mixed and mastered by Eddie Perez, producer and CEO of La Llave Music Group. It’s available now on all digital music platforms and the official website

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