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Jesse Turner shares emotional video as son requires ‘complicated surgery’

Jesse asked for prayers as his son Jacob received 'complicated surgery' on Monday in a Houston hospital.

Jacob Turner | Photo: Thomas Vasquez/Tommy Gunz Photography

Jesse Turner of Grupo Siggno posted an emotional video to Facebook on Monday (Aug. 9) asking for prayers for his son, Jacob Turner, who required a “complicated surgery” at Houston hospital.


“Jacob is currently having surgery done, a very complicated surgery,” Jesse said in the video from his vehicle. “He’s had some complications over the last couple of weeks and we just wanted to ask for y’all’s prayers. We have faith in God that everything’s going to be okay. It’s just, the process is difficult, it’s hard to go through it for him, but we’re here.”

Jacob was involved in a near-fatal accident in February 2016 suffering traumatic injuries including severe brain damage.

In another video posted on August 4 by Jesse, he said he knows his son, who was the bass player for Siggno before the accident, will never return to the stage.

“The one thing that I get told a lot is, ‘You’re son is gonna be restored 100 percent, you’re son is gonna be able to be on stage with you again, you’re son is gonna be…’ My son is not coming back and it’s something I accepted a long time ago, maybe it’s something that you guys need to accept too,” he said. “It’s not up to us what we want, it’s up to God and sometimes there’s nothing we can do to change things. My son has complications, he’ll never be 100 percent but he’s 100 percent loved.”

Tejano Nation will have more information on Jacob Turner’s recovery from surgery as more details are released.

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