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Tortilla Factory tops Mexico radio chart with ‘Enseñame’ featuring Lia G

The latest single is the first released since the tragic loss of bandleader Alfredo Guerrero's daughter and granddaughter.

The latest single from Tortilla Factory with Lia Gallardo, “Enseñame,” has hit No. 1 in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, on the Super Tejano Radio Top 25 chart for the month of August.


“Are you kidding me! Wow! Another #1 and this time in Mexico,” exclaimed bandleader Alfredo Guerrero in a social media post. “Thank God for giving me the inspiration to continue the music when I didn’t want to! Thank you, Gabriel Perfecto Estrada and Super Tejano Radio Live for the support! And all our fans in Mexico!”

The track is a love song produced by award-winning hitmaker Gabriel Zavala.

“Gabriel Zavala is so incredibly talented and he kinda picked up on my vibe or something because I was really feeling those lyrics,” Lia G tells Tejano Nation. “I think a lot of people in love go through stuff like that.”

Lia G interview with DJ Peaches
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To give some insight on Lia. Her parents are from Havana, Cuba, where her mom was a singer and a dancer at the infamous Tropicana nightclub, which influenced Lia. Her parents emigrated to California in the ’80s during Fidel Castro’s regime. At the age of 6, Lia started performing at talent shows, beauty pageants, etc. Growing up and into her college years, singing was always a part of her life.

Lia has performed with international artists such as Enrique Iglesias, Jon Secada, Randy Jackson, and Celia Cruz (Queen of Salsa), a Grammy Award winner and three-time Latin Grammy winner.

Lia shared her most memorable experience with Celia Cruz. “So inspirational. It was a moment where I was on stage and I literally just started crying. She was so inspirational. She was what you call a Sonera from heart, and a Sonera is like a Sonero. I don’t know if you know what that means Peaches, but Gilberto Santa Rosa, he can literally stand on the stage and make an entire song off of the audience,” she said. Santa Rosa (Gentleman of Salsa) was born in Puerto Rico, a six-time Grammy Award winner, singer, poet of Salsa and Bolero.

Lia grew up in Los Angeles surrounded by Jazz, Pop, Salsa, Country, Brazilian plus Tejano in which Lia expressed her admiration for Selena.

I recall watching a movie based on a family in Havana called The Lost City, produced by actor and musician Andy Garcia. Garcia, born in Havana, Cuba, won a Grammy Award in 2005 for Best Traditional Tropical Latin Album, Ahora Si. Lia stated she had a small role in the movie and interacted with Garcia.

In 2018, Lia joined the three-time Grammy-nominated Tortilla Factory.

In July, Guerrero shared this is the first song released since the tragic loss of his daughter and granddaughter in an auto accident in 2020.

“When my daughter and granddaughter passed a year ago I fell into a very dark place and didn’t think I was going to continue music,” said Guerrero. “The pain was unbearable. I have now, through the grace of God and some spiritual help, have accepted my tragic loss and am now embracing my daughter and granddaughter’s beautiful memories. This is my first single release since their passing. Music is healing and my brother Gabriel Zavala brought me some healing on this song “

“Enseñame” from Tortilla Factory featuring Lia G is available to stream or download on all digital music platforms.

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