‘Tex-Mex Cowboy’ George Mercado to release debut album August 8

The singer and songwriter will release his debut album on August 8.

George Mercado | Courtesy Gold Man Records

Gold Man Records recording artist George Mercado will release his highly anticipated album, Tex-Mex Cowboy, on August 8, 2021 and he took his time writing this album for his fans.


If you don’t know the music of George Mercado by now and how it all started, one thing is for sure, this talented songwriter’s music will have you singing and dancing in no time at all once you hear it.

This “Tex-Mex Cowboy” is always writing and exploring his music roots and this upcoming single is one he wanted to share. Two years ago, Mercado was challenged to write a song titled “Two To Tangle” and decided on his Goldman Records labelmate Marie Bueno for the duet because she had the right voice when it came to singing this Country tune recorded at the 512 Studios in Austin, Texas.

Mercado chose to write this specific song because it’s a common tale about separation, divorce, or no longer living together but whatever drawback of heartache with the familiar feelings that originally brought the couple together in a very beautifully arranged song.

Gold Man Records CEO Al Duarte teamed Mercado with outstanding performers in studio sessions recording new Tejano music featuring Haydn Vitera, Ringo Garza (Los Lonely Boys), Ringo Garza Jr, Josh Baca (Los TexManiacs), Omar Vallejo, Mike Sevilla and Rich Baur.

The album is a fusion of Mercado’s Tex-Mex tribute with “Tex-Mex Cowboy” Country and Tejano music, although, he writes, Christian music, as well. A Texas twist to something amazing happening in this Tejano genre.

Tejano Christian, Tejano Country, and straight-up hardcore, boot kickin’, grito drinking, kind of Tejano stomping music! Lots of fun for George Mercado and his band Vesta Realm in making this album.

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Marie Bueno | Al Duarte Photography

Marie Bueno was born and raised on the south side of San Antonio, Texas. She has been an entrepreneur female vocalist entertainer since the age of 9, beginning her musical journey performing for crowds at the beautiful historic Market Square downtown San Antonio Texas. Throughout the years she’s opened up for Artist of the Industry and her legend continues to collaborate on new projects. Fifteen years ago, Tejano music became Bueno’s first love and it still remains her focus. It’s important for her to stick to her roots with a traditional sound with a slight twist taking people back making them feeling right at home.

Bueno teamed up with industry legends Beto Ramon and Hugo Guerrero to release her debut single “Anticipación” on Gold Man Records. The single release builds with excitement as the fans express their love for the song and its sincere real-life message. She is looking forward to recording a follow-up EP with Gold Man Records to be released this coming year and in the meantime, she shares the collaboration with Mercado as they celebrate the duet, “Two To Tangle.”

Mercado tells Tejano Nation it has been an amazing journey (us three) including Jina Ink Publications. We all have worked great distributing and mastering all the promotions, we have to meet in-between San Antonio and Austin traveling back and forth to work great together and produce a strong promotional team for George Mercado, speaking as his publicist and writer for Tejano Nation, we wouldn’t have it any other way.  

George Mercado works very hard, it has been a blessing for me. December marks three years I’ve been George’s publicist and I’m very happy to have such a strong management team like Al Duarte to represent both of us. I love that George is definitely strong and a highly-skilled songwriter. I’m sure he’s willing to sell his music in the Tejano scene too. As fast as he writes and collaborates with musicians, I always advise him to sell his music to the starving artists who are looking for new music, George is that writer. He’s gifted and can write music almost daily. I can’t wait until you hear the new music he has in store for you.

Mercado signed with Al Duarte Management in August 2020. Regardless of the crazy pandemic we seem to survive and have been blessed through our traveling gigs while practicing social distancing. We’re a full-service management and marketing agency focused on results. AD Management has big plans for this new band from international performances to local festival appearances. So, stay tuned for fresh new show dates with new sounds, videos, and lots more for George Mercado and Vesta Realm.

We appreciate all the love and support we get from all the George Mercado Fans.

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George Mercado and Vesta Realm are schedule to perform at this year’s Tejano Music National Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada as part of Vegas Tejano Music Week, August, 19-21, 2021, at Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino More info a

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The song, “Tex-Mex Cowboy,” by George Mercado will be released on 09.09.2021 from Goldman Records.

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