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Tommy Gonzalez, bandmate and brother of Jimmy Gonzalez, shares memories and exclusive stories of Grupo Mazz

The little brother and bandmate of late Tejano icon Jimmy Gonzalez with Grupo Mazz shares stories of the most successful band in Tejano music.

Grupo Mazz is one of the most successful groups in Tejano music, formed in 1978 by Jimmy Gonzalez and Joe Lopez achieving international acclaim. Tommy Gonzalez, one of the band’s members and brother of Jimmy, shared memories and exclusive behind the scene details of the band in an interview with The AC Cruz Podcast.


Tommy is an acclaimed saxophonist and percussionist, and little brother to the late iconic Jimmy Gonzalez. In the emotional interview, Tommy speaks about his relationship with his brother, Jimmy’s passing from complications of diabetes, and his continuing legacy.

Tommy even addressed the legal battle over the band’s name Mazz. “My brother was so shook up about that and I said, ‘Brother, don’t worry about that. I know there’s a lot of pride, I know there’s a lot of prestige but you know where the success came from, you know that,'” he tells host AC Cruz. “I said, ‘Just because I take off a Mercedes-Benz emblem and got put it on another car, it doesn’t become a Mercedes. it’s still the car it was. You are the alpha of the success of this band and you know that and a lot of musicians know that.'”

Jimmy Gonzalez passed away in June 2018 and is remembered as a pioneer, icon, and one of the most influential artists in Tejano Music leading Grupo Mazz to multiple Grammy Awards and Latin Grammy Awards.

Listen to the full interview with Tommy Gonzalez on The AC Cruz Podcast below. Hear previous episodes and get more details at

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