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Los Chamacos share details on upcoming album ‘Chamacos For Life’ + more

The legendary showband share details on new album, new single and more.

Los Chamacos returned to the stage this month for the first time since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Grammy-nominated group shared details about their upcoming album, a new single, and much more in an exclusive interview with Tejano Nation.


Los Chamacos give thanks and praise as they share their thoughts and talk new music along with the official announcement of their long-awaited new album.

“The album is not completed yet,” said Roel Joslin, bajo sexto player of Los Chamacos for 27 years. “We’ve just been throwing out singles…and this next one is ‘Besos Y Copas’. We’ve got a couple more in the vault that we’re going to be letting go as single and we’ll put some other songs to actually finish the CD, which will be out next year, the album will be called Chamacos For Life.”

Los Chamacos member Gilbert Fierros, a Tejano ROOTS Hall of Fame musician inducted last year, shared more on the title of the highly-anticipated new album. “It is a strong title, it means a lot to us and it took all of us to come up with something like that because it means something to us,” he said. “All the stuff we’ve gone through — what you see right here, this is loyalty. What you see right here is something that was built, not overnight, it was built for years.”

Los Chamacos have entertained Tejano fans for almost 40 years as the premier showband and this album will be the first since the breakup with former frontman Jaime DeAnda in December 2018.

“The name goes way beyond us,” added Joslin as he mentioned former members of the legendary band including David DeAnda, Ruben DeAnda, Juan P. Moreno, and Johnny Lee Rosas. “People know us as Chamacos, Chamacos for life.”

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The new single, “Besos Y Copas,” will be released soon along with a music video. The new album Chamacos For Life is expected in 2021.

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1 comment on “Los Chamacos share details on upcoming album ‘Chamacos For Life’ + more

  1. I wish Los Chamacos the best but I’m just not feeling the revamping on this one. They should’ve worked it out with Jaime as that is the sound fans came to love and appreciate.


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