Destiny Navaira wants to wake up the world with new song, ‘Cruel Realidad’

The next generation of the Navaira musical family brings awareness to today's issues with new single.

Destiny Navaira hopes her new single, “Cruel Realidad,” will wake up listeners during these troubled times and inspire younger generations into positive action.


The song, which translates in English as “Cruel Reality,” premieres Friday, Oct. 16, and is unlike any other that Navaira has released.

“It was a song that was different for me because it wasn’t so much about love,” Navaira tells Tejano Nation. “That’s usually what we write about and I think that this one has to do kind of with everything that’s going on right now in the world and that’s been going on.”

The song, which she describes as a “new, modern Tejano song,” will address politics, cultural awareness, the Black Lives Matter movement, pollution and other issues facing the nation and Mexico, as well. The song was written along with her younger brother, Rigo Navaira, and Lalo Morales, the accordionist for her band, Remedio.

The song was a separate project and is not featured on Destiny’s solo debut album, La Preferida, but will be available for purchase on all digital platforms.

Destiny Navaira — “Cruel Realidad”
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The song’s style incorporates her and her brother’s country, rock, and even pop influences, according to Destiny, but keeps the accordion and bajo for that Norteño/Tejano sound. A video will be completed prior to Election Day on Nov. 3.

“It’s a song to wake you up and… the goal of it is to make you realize what’s going on,” Destiny said. “That’s why it’s called “Cruel Reality,” “Cruel Realidad.” You’ve got to open your eyes and see what’s going on and make a change.”

Destiny is excited for the public to hear “Cruel Realidad” and thanked fans for always supporting her and her family.

“(The song) is to bring awareness to everything that’s going on but it’s a song that’s supposed to inspire everybody,” she said. “To inspire people to wake up and to really pay attention that these things are going on. It’s not just another day when you wake up. A lot of people face hardships and I think “Cruel Realidad” is the perfect title for it and I’m very, very proud of it.”

“It’s a lot different from what we’ve let out before and I’m excited to see what people say because it’s a different kind of style,” Destiny added.

On the topic of these trying times and the COVID-19 pandemic, Destiny said she was not planning any live performances during this pandemic and while she is anxious to play her music, especially to promote her debut album, she does not want to place her fans at risk at this time.

Note: Navaira premiered a video of her acoustic version of “Suficiente Amor,” a hit from her famous uncle, Emilio Navaira, and which is part of an acoustic series that will honor him.

Destiny Navaira — “Suficiente Amor” (Acoustic Sessions)
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