Veteran Tejano journalist Jina Ink joins Tejano Nation

Norma Mendez, aka Jina Ink, has joined Tejano Nation as Multimedia Journalist.

Jina Ink | Courtesy photo

Veteran Tejano journalist and entertainment host Norma Mendez, known by most in the Tejano industry as Jina Ink, has joined Tejano Nation as a Multimedia Journalist.


Jina Ink has spent many years in the Tejano industry communicating and exploring the roots and culture of Tejano music and the legacies of musical historians past and present. She has traveled the country finding future rising stars and sharing their stories.

“Jina is deeply embedded in the Tejano community and her expertise in communicating stories of those involved in Tejano culture is a great asset to providing the best insight and information to share with,” said John Henry Medina, Digital Managing Editor at Tejano Nation. “Her entertaining content will help keep Tejano Nation the premier source for Tejano news and entertainment.”

She is the owner of Jina Ink Enterprises, which includes a full-service marketing and public relations company, based in San Antonio, Texas. Her many years of industry experience include editor and writer for Street Talk Magazine and associated with La Prensa De San Antonio.

“I’m beyond excited to be changing directions. Never expected it to be quite so BIG but it is,” said Jina Ink. “I needed to find a company that was going to suit the avenues that I needed to do for radio and entertainment news. I love that I can capture images of the crowd, do live interviews, have my own podcast. Tejano Nation is allowing me to create my skills and collaborating with me to educate music and our culture.”

Jina Ink is an active volunteer, supporting a variety of charitable events worldwide and has been an advocate for Tejano culture.

“The key to this Tejano industry is educating and expanding by learning the Tejano culture, and uniting the historical past and present for the legacy,” added Jina Ink.

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