G5 set to premiere official music video for ‘No Es Igual’

The Florida-based group will premiere the official music video exclusively with Tejano Nation.

G5 is set to premiere the official video for the Florida-based group’s upcoming single “No Es Igual” exclusively with Tejano Nation.


The song is about hope and hurt, along with the balance of emotions they create. “A bond that is broken will never be the same, but there is still hope,” G5 vocalist Ricky Garcia tells Tejano Nation.

The single will be part of the group’s upcoming as of yet untitled album featuring mixes mastered by Art of Holler and tracks produced by Jonathan Espinoza and the late Mario Vigil, who was a big part of their musical endeavors. “He was such an inspiration to us and he is greatly missed,” said Garcia.

G5 was formed in 2001 and inspired by their late father Fidel Garcia, who was a drummer, bajo player and later became the lead singer for a band along with his brothers and brothers-in-law. Coming from a migrant family, the group of five brothers, Fidel Jr, Roel, Erik, Joey, and Ricky, were constantly moving about every six months. Going to school, working in the fields picking tomatoes and in their spare time they turned to what followed them everywhere, their father’s music.

Make sure to catch the official video premiere of G5’s new single “No Es Igual” exclusively at Tejano Nation, this Monday, October 12!

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