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Frankie J returns to his roots with new album ‘Canciones Que Recuerdo’

The singer's new album features songs from his youth, Latin pop and ranchera standards.

R&B and Latin music artist Frankie J is back with a new full-length studio album released on May, 15, 2020 titled Canciones Que Recuerdo


The songs on this album all express how Frankie J has grown lyrically and shares about childhood memories while bringing attention to his roots. The sound pulls on the strings of the soul versus the heart that he is known to reach with every note he sings, on his music about heartbreak and the beauty of experiencing love.

“It’s an album that pays tribute to a lot of amazing artists,” Frankie J says in an interview with Preview from the Houston Chronicle. The album contains covers of classic hits from legendary artists Pedro Infante, Juan Gabriel, Jose Jose, Rocio Durcal, Javier Solis, and even a Spanish version of “My Way” from Frank Sinatra.

“They’re songs that I grew up with as a child with my grandparents hearing them, my parents hearing them,” the singer tells the Houston Chronicle. “It was different but yet it was beautiful thing and amazing experience. Learning how to sing a mariachi song. Learning how to express yourself in a very different way, boleros, they’re very traditional songs but great and beautifully done.”

As an artist, Frankie J has always been very versatile in his style of reaching different audiences with multi-cultural collaborations. These hits have established him from the rap scene with his multiple hits along with rapper Baby Bash to his music created while with Los Kumbia Kings.  

Frankie J has two very special collaborations on this album. The first one is his very own daughter, Emily Bautista, on the track titled “Fue un Placer Conocerte,” where the song speaks as a duet on appreciating the time a couple spent in love with each other but having to walk away from it all. His talent has spoken for itself throughout time, yet the greater joy is to see a father sing alongside his talented daughter. Hopefully, the fans will be blessed with more of the father and daughter music that is so beautiful creation.

His second collaboration is alongside Lupita Infante, granddaughter of the iconic legend of Regional Mexican music and cinema the late, great Pedro Infante, on the track titled “Buenos Amigos” where the song speaks about remaining friends instead of chancing a love that could ruin it all for both sides. Each note is sung with such grace that it makes it sound so romantic even in choosing not to be together. 

In songs like “El Triste”,  “El Amor Acaba”, and “La Farsante” he gives us a mature approach of heartache that allows the songs to be relatable to personal life experiences of a grown and sexy audience. To include “En Mi Viejo San Juan” on the album, it inspires the listeners to reminisce on their childhood memories while feeling more connected to the roots of their Latin culture. 

“That’s what I wanted to do with this particular project was go and take it to the roots, the real roots,” said Frankie J. “That’s what this album is about, that’s what this album is catering to.”

For the fans, the fact remains that it is an amazing accomplishment to be an artist that multiple generations can enjoy within several genres of music. His new album has become the breath of fresh air that this era was in dire need of. 

“I feel confident that you fans will understand and appreciate it just like I do,” said Frankie J in a Facebook post. “(It) was made with a lot of effort and with a lot of heart. This record is the opposite of what radio is playing today, but I’m proud of what we’ve fulfilled. What matters to me most is that you guys listen to it. I have faith that they will fall in love again with these recordings. Because they are for life.”

Canciones Que Recuerdo from Frankie J is available now at all digital music platforms.

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