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Grupo Alamo drop Rodney Alejandro remix of “Amarte Hasta El Final” featuring Mark Ledesma

The multiple Latin Grammy-nominated group released a remix of 'Amarte Hasta El Final'.

Multiple Latin Grammy nominated Grupo Alamo revealed their collaboration, “Amarte Hasta El Final (Ale Remix)” with Rodney Alejandro and Mark Ledesma on May 1.


Alejandro is a songwriter, producer, and remixer, who has worked with many great artists and musicians from Selena, La Sombra, Little Joe Y La Familia to Lauryn Hill, Stevie Wonder and many more.

With this original track from Grupo Alamo’s album, Proximo Nivel, released in 2018, the group reached out to Alejandro with a new concept for the song and their latest single “Amarte Hasta El Final (Ale Remix)” was created, a Latin Pop cumbia influence with some definite hints of R&B.

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Ernie Gonzales of Grupo Alamo told Tejano Nation how this partnership came together and what fans can expect in the upcoming year.

“I have been following Rodney’s work for some time and loved his productions and the out of the box style he has,” he said. “He had recently done a remix for a friend of ours and that’s how we met and started talking and asked if he would be interested in working together and he was like, yeah send me the tune and let me vibe to it.” 

“He got back to me a few days later and said he loved the tune and wanted to experiment with it,” added Gonzales. “We were very excited to collaborate. Rodney is super talented and humble.”

Those not already familiar with the group or with Alejandro, listen to the tune and get acquainted with the expression and music vibe this group has to offer and the production bringing diversity to Tejano music and making this vision come to life for new audiences for generations to come.

“Once I heard the song itself, I realized I needed to bring some serious fire to the track,” Alejandro told Tejano Nation. “What got me the most was the soulful delivery of Mark Ledesma’s vocals. I thought I could wrap the vocals in something modern, yet maintain that classic soulful lover’s song. Drawing on the style of music for cruising from the Chicano Movement, and imagining two lovers who know each other so well that when they dance together it’s like one movement. Sensual, romantic, timeless, and in no hurry.”

“With that visual, I began to work on the production by setting all the classic tones in modern-day electronic production,” he added. “The biggest challenge is breaking from the Tejano traditions. Looks like we came up with some kind of Cumbia – Future Bass Soul Fusion that makes you want to grab your partner and sway all night or just cruise the road holding hands.” 

Since the release, fans have shown their support and have brought nothing but positive reactions. They believe this was a huge step in putting a new take on this original track.

“We are thankful and blessed that all of the responses on the new single have been very positive,” said Gonzales. “We were not sure how everyone would take to this version since it is something very different from our normal releases, so we were nervous on the release day. But it’s connected with a lot of fans and that’s a great thing.”

“Grupo Alamo deserves to be recognized for taking the chance to present music that adds not only to their legacy but to Tejano music diversity,” added Alejandro. “These dudes are all great musicians and know that sometimes you have to break a few rules to find new ways to keep your fans listening. So this collaboration was all about love. Love of tejano music, the song’s message, trying different things, and taking chances. They were super awesome to collaborate with and I appreciate them trusting me with their music.”

If you would like to support the new single, it can be found on all digital platforms to listen to, until then we wait for more of what’s to come.

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  1. irises1108

    I really LOVE this song.
    I can see it as a Salsa too.
    Keep up the great work.
    VIVA Our Raza

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