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Ilyann signs with Discos Solcar, releases cumbia ‘Tu y Yo’ [AUDIO]

The emerging artist drops her debut single with new record label Discos Solcar.

Emily Rodriguez, known professionally as Ilyann, is a 25-year-old Tejano vocalist from Lockhart, Texas, and recently signed with the recording label Discos Solcar based in Pearsall, Texas.


With the help of her team, she released her debut single with Discos Solcar titled “Tu Y Yo,” a cumbia from her upcoming debut album. 

Since the single’s release, it has received a lot of positive feedback leaving fans wanting and anticipating more.

“First of all, a big thank you to Tejano Nation, mainstream and internet radio for playing ‘Tu Y Yo’ and of course to all the Tejano fans out there,” said Ilyann. “It’s gotten a positive response, we tend to push the single out as much as possible.” 

For future singles towards the highly-anticipated album, she would love to collaborate and encourages other artists to reach out to her or her manager Jerry Bernal.

“I have a big diversity in music as many people say, ” she said. “For instance, I had covered ‘Eternal Flame’ by the Bangles into a cumbia rendition named ‘Algo Eterno’. If you haven’t heard it, I advise you to check it out.”

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With her upcoming album that she has been working on for a year now, she hopes to continue to release music for her listeners that tell a story that people can relate to, and has inspirations from other artists and genres.

When asked about what she loved most about her upcoming debut album, she said: “I love the music in itself, how it moves people with my experience, It’s like bringing my stories to life and having everyone relate to them.” 

Alongside the direction of her management and new record label, she built a great foundation for guiding her career.

“It’s a journey that I never thought I’d be in, but dreams really do come true,”she said.

She added Discos Solcar owner Carlos Rodriguez brings a lot of experience to the table knowing he’s been in the business for so long as the frontman for Carlos Y Los Cachorros and many years of producing music.

“For him to reach out to us in a quick time frame, really brings everything together that I could ever have dreamed of,” said Ilyann. “I simply accomplish the impossible.”

In company with Rodriguez and his knowledge to lead her in the right direction, llyann is certain it would be a quicker process and she looks forward to sharing what she has in store.

 “Right now, we are trying our best to complete the project, due to the COVID-19 pandemic we are working our best to get things done,” she said. “We will be working on the fourth single soon. Also, stay strong during this hard time. God bless all of y’all Ilyann is sending love and prayers to you all.”

We wait for more of what’s to come. We encourage you to find her music on all digital platforms and request her music on the internet and local Tejano radio stations.

Ilyann — “Tu y Yo”

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