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Sunny Sauceda makes history on Las Vegas Strip [VIDEO]

Sunny Sauceda took his accordion to the streets of the famous Las Vegas Strip and performed among the countless curious onlookers and tourists

Sunny Sauceda | Photo: Tejano Music National Convention Facebook

Sunny Sauceda, known for his effortless execution of new and amazing feats on his accordion, made history during last week’s Tejano Music National Convention in Las Vegas. The two-time Grammy winner took his accordion to the streets of the famous Las Vegas Strip and performed as he walked along the sidewalk among the countless curious onlookers and tourists, some who even tossed money into an open guitar case nearby.

“I’m usually that guy, the one who takes the risk on doing something new,” Sauceda said. “There have been many firsts for myself and the convention due to the fact that I’m open-minded to new and out-of-the-box ideas.”

Cameras followed along as Sauceda sang and squeezed his accordion, at one point even getting kicked off one area of the Strip, but he just kept on walking.

“I felt like I was on a reality show, getting followed around by cameras,” Sauceda said, now back in San Antonio after the whirlwind weekend. “I was walking down the Strip and I had one cameraman in front of me, one beside me and another off-center in front of me walking backward.”

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Event organizers selected Sauceda for this historic impromptu performance as he always accepts a musical challenge and with his showmanship, he never disappoints the fans.

“I do it because I love it,” Sauceda said. “I love (convention organizer) David Chavez. He’s one of my mentors and he gave me my start.”

Sauceda has a lot of firsts in his long, exciting career. Most recently, Sauceda y Todo Eso, performed the first Tejano concert at Waco’s historic Hippodrome on Aug. 17.

Sauceda was just announced as a performer at the upcoming 39th Annual Tejano Music Awards on Nov. 16. But you can catch Sauceda before then on Sept. 6 when he performs at the KLMO 98.9 Bash at Midnight Rodeo, 12260 Nacogdoches Road in San Antonio, along with AJ Castillo and Devin Banda.

Sauceda hinted at more surprises coming up, including a conceptual album that may or may not be released under his name, co-writing for his next Sunny Sauceda y Todo Eso album with Tejano vocalist/songwriter Pete Astudillo and more projects that he said he would share with Tejano Nation soon so stay tuned.

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