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Grupo Alamo release ‘Te Lo Vuelvo a Repetir’ from Latin Grammy-nominated album [AUDIO]

Grupo Alamo has released "Te Lo Vuevlo a Repetir", the latest single from their Latin Grammy-nominated ablum 'Proximo Nivel'.

Grupo Alamo | Photo courtesy of RO’ Records

Grupo Alamo has released their new single “Te Lo Vuelvo a Repetir” from their “Proximo Nivel” album. It’s a song about longing for that one love you just can’t let go. And you won’t want to let go of your dance partner, either, as you listen to the romantic rhythms of the latest from the two-time Latin Grammy-nominated group.

With former David Lee Garza Y Los Musicales frontman, Mark Ledesma, on vocals, and a solidly produced and mixed sound, this song is a puro Tejano love song and a refreshing single for both listening and dancing.

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Grupo Alamo’s Ernest Gonzales said the song’s danceable factor is one reason he enjoys it so much and thinks listeners will, too.

“For me, ‘Te Lo Vuelvo a Repetir’ is just one of those songs that, as soon as it starts, it just makes you want to move,” Gonzales said. “It is one of those songs that everyone can relate to and have a connection with and definitely one of my favorites on the album.”

Take a listen to “Te Lo Vuelvo a Repetir” and get to gliding along the dance floor with your special someone. Or just listen and imagine.

“Proximo Nivel” was nominated for a Latin Grammy in 2018 for Best Tejano Album and is the follow-up to their “Seguimos Sonando” album that was also nominated for Best Tejano Album at the Latin Grammys in 2014.

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LISTEN: Grupo Alamo — “Te Lo Vuelvo a Repetir”

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