Tony Guerrero suffers setback on surgery recovery after ER visit

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Tony Guerrero

Tony Guerrero of La Sombra suffered a setback on his road to recovery after recent surgery, when the legendary singer rushed himself to the emergency room on Friday (June 14).

Guerrero shared the news on a Facebook post that included photos after he fell hard three times on the concrete outside the ER after driving himself to receive medical help.

The singer is still recovering from intestinal surgery in February, that kept him in the hospital for five weeks after the surgery, according to a recent interview.

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“I couldn’t take the pain in my stomach,” he wrote. “I get off my car, take a few steps n bam, I hit the concrete, it was dark and I was just laying there thinking I can get run’d over, So I pushed myself, Stood Up, took another 2-3 steps n bam I hit the concrete again n laying there in so much pain, I get up again for a 2nd time, by that time I had lost my phone n glasses, So I get up, take a few steps n bam, There I go hit the concrete for a 3rd time.”

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He said that good samaritans found him and got him help from a nurse to get him into the ER to receive medical attention.

Medical staff told him the reason for the falls was that he had very low blood pressure.

According to photos from the social media post, Guerrero received cuts and bruises on his face and hands because of the falls.

The Tejano R.O.O.T.S. Hall of Fame singer was hospitalized in March after receiving surgery for hernia complications and intestinal problems. Guerrero, who has suffered from intestinal problems since 2007, according to a recent interview.

“I still feel real soreness from it,” Guerrero said about his recent surgery. “I still feel a lot of pain from it. Getting out of bed hurts a lot. Sitting down hurts a lot. I have to watch the way I walk sometimes. It’s like I’m not a 100% back yet.”

Tejano Nation will update details on Guerrero’s condition as more information becomes available.

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TejanoNation Sponsor
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