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Ernestine Romero and Shelly Lares collaborate on ‘Estupida’ [AUDIO]

Ernestine Romero and Shelly Lares collaborate on new single "Estupida" [AUDIO]

Ernestine Romero (left) and Shelly Lares collaborate on new single. | Courtesy photos

Ernestine Romero released her new album Mi Tesoro in March celebrating her 20 years in the music industry.

This is the New Mexico singer’s tenth album and it features a duet with Tejano Hall of Famer Shelly Lares, who is celebrating 36 years in Tejano music. The collaboration is titled “Estupida,” an original song co-written by Romero and produced by Eddie Perez.

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“Every CD I try to outdo it, try to do something a little better and put more of my style and do what I like to do,” Romero told New Mexico radio station KDCE.

Romero said she was excited to work with Lares on this duet, “Definitely, she is one of my idols and she is the most down to earth person you’ll ever meet and her voice is just amazing.”

“I’m super excited to have been asked to be a part of Ernestine’s record and to be able to do a song with her,” Lares told KDCE.

“Little Miss Dynamite” added it’s always great collaborating with other women in the music industry. She has worked with Elida Reyna, Stefani Montiel, Linda Escobar, Anjelique and now with Romero.

“You don’t really see two females collaborating very often,” Lares said. “I love that the girls can work together and do stuff.”

The duo plan to perform their collaboration at Shelly’s All-American Showcase at the upcoming Tejano Music National Convention in Las Vegas this summer.

Romero’s album Mi Tesoro is available now at all digital music platforms and her official website ErnestineRomero.com.

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LISTEN: Ernestine Romero — “Estupida” (featuring Shelly Lares)

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