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David Lee Rodriquez releases debut solo album ‘Así Me Enseñaron’

David Lee Rodriquez has released his debut solo album 'Así Me Enseñaron' from VMB Music Group.

David Lee Rodriquez has released his debut solo album Así Me Enseñaron from VMB Music Group.

The album produced and arranged by 14-time Grammy winner Gilbert Velasquez was released on April 5 to all digital music platforms. Two singles have been released from the album, “Hasta Manana” in May 2018 and “El Regalo” in December 2018 under VMB Music Group.  After both singles received excellent reviews, Rodriquez was offered a contract with VMB Music Group.

“With no hesitation, I immediately signed in February 2019,” Rodriquez told Tejano Nation. “It is such an amazing feeling, after many years of trials and tribulations, to finally have this feeling of accomplishment.”

This is the first album released by Rodriquez since the singer and musician and his band Algo Simple recorded with Velasquez in the 1990s. One of the songs produced, “Vas A Llorar,” recently resurfaced as a hit on internet radio.

“In November of 2018, Gilbert gives me a call and suggested that we should follow up with a new song,” he said. “One call led to another, next thing, in February of 2018, I am recording four songs with Gilbert.”

After recording those four songs, Velasquez decided to record a full 10 song album with Rodriquez. 

“During this time, Gilbert calls me and says that VMB is going to release ‘Hasta Manana’ as a single,” he said. “Then in November of 2018 I finished the recording and in December of 2018 VMB released ‘El Regalo’.”

Learn more about David Lee Rodriquez at his official Facebook page.

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LISTEN: David Lee Rodriquez – Así Me Enseñaron

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