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Fantazzia drops debut single, a cover of ‘Soy La Unica’

Tejano newcomers Fantazzia release their debut single, "Soy La Unica," a cover of the 1995 classic from Gavino.

Tejano newcomers Fantazzia release their debut single, “Soy La Unica,” from Tejano Powerhouse Records.

The song is cover of the 1995 classic hit from Gavino. It features production and arrangement by Chris Rodriguez to give it a fresh sound that fit the vocal style of lead vocalist Lizz Garza.

“My dad suggested that I sing it and being that I absolutely loved that song when it originally came out I decided to make it our first single,” Garza told Tejano Nation.

Fantazzia was formed in 2015 by a few local musicians of Victoria, Texas. They added Garza as the lead singer.

“I was shocked but honored at the same time because female vocalists are rare in Victoria, the musicians here are mostly male-dominated, “Garza said. “I had never been a lead vocalist for a band. I sang segundas for a few local bands but that was about it.”

As the band was forming, they also needed a drummer, so Garza’s padrino Joe Hernandez was added and is now also the group’s manager.

“He also played with many bands for 50 plus years and was the original drummer for Los Mismos 3 Hermanos Mungia,” Garza said.

Fantazzia also added Garza’s father, Frankie Garza, as co-lead vocalist after she became pregnant unexpectedly.

“My dad hesitated at first because he had never sang lead vocals he had only done segundas, eventually he agreed to help us out and decided to stay as another lead vocalist and so that’s how Fantazzia was formed,” she added.

“Soy La Unica” from Fantazzia is available now at digital music outlets.

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LISTEN: Fantazzia — “Soy La Unica”

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