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B. Santa Ana releases flirty, catchy, original cumbia ‘Solo Tu’ [AUDIO]

Multi-talented Tejano singer and songwriter B. Santa Ana has released “Solo Tu,” the latest single from her forthcoming debut album.

B. Santa Ana | Photo credit: Lupe Moya

Multi-talented Tejano singer and songwriter B. Santa Ana has released “Solo Tu,” the latest single from her forthcoming debut album.

The flirty, catchy, upbeat cumbia, written and composed by Santa Ana and arranged by the legendary Hugo Guerrero, available now for purchase and download on CDBaby and coming soon to other popular digital platforms.

Santa Ana, an Austin native, is a seasoned vocalist, having sung with a variety of Tejano groups in Central Texas and performed on-stage with some of the biggest names and at some of the biggest events in the genre. She started her solo career in 2016, with her smooth, strong, sassy but romantic voice shining through on her debut single, a cover of the Laura Canales classic “Pa’ Que Volver.”

B’s talents extend past the microphone and off-stage with her songwriting and compositions, with over a dozen original registered songs already in her catalog and many more in development. While she is currently pursuing her Tejano music career, her influences and repertoire is diverse and includes Latin Freestyle, Country and Blues.

Santa Ana’s debut album is expected to be released later this year and will include “Solo Tu,” along with mostly original material, which is rare for a first album. Guerrero’s arrangements of her originals have really brought them to life, and one can hear just a little of his signature spice in the slight salsa-flavored embellishments on this track.

As with any artist, embarking on a career in music is deeply personal and they are working hard to make their dream come true. B. Santa Ana is no exception. Drawing on her past experience in the business as a vocalist and also as a former disc jockey, B. is fearlessly navigating the music business as an independent artist and forging her own path with her own voice and her own songs.

For more information about B. Santa Ana and see where she will “B” next, follow her on Facebook.

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LISTEN: “Solo Tu” — B. Santa Ana

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