Carlos Aldaco of Jr. Aldaco & Midwest Allstars talks new single + more [AUDIO]

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Thomas J Henry

Juvencio Aldaco, from Lansing, Michigan would have never imagined that the third generation of Aldaco musicians would continue to carry on the family’s musical legacy.

In an interview with Tejano Nations’s DJ Peaches, Carlos Aldaco shared his excitement and enthusiasm getting back into the Tejano scene. Carlos stated the band was started in 1960 by his grandfather, Juvencio Aldaco. Carlos began his journey in music as a teenager at the age of 15.

“Besarte Con Locura” is the new single from Jr. Aldaco and the Midwest All-Stars. It was an original song written by Juvencio and has been well received by many Tejano fans including the band’s huge following from those in the Midwest.

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Listen to the full interview with Carlos Aldaco below.


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