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Los Chavalozz return with new single ‘Madrecita Querida’ [AUDIO]

Los Chavalozz makes a return with new single, "Madrecita Querida," released this week.

Los Chavalozz makes a return with new single, “Madrecita Querida,” released this week.

The band from San Antonio, Texas originated back in 1994 releasing two albums with the late Bob Grever and his record label Sound Mex.

“As our journey would have it, life occurred for all of us and music had to take a pause,” Jeff Garza, Los Chavalozz founder and bandleader told Tejano Nation. “Well, to keep it simple, we are back. We have a new EP and have a series of singles we will be releasing this year.”

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“Madrecita Querida” is the lead single from the band’s upcoming EP Nunca Olvides. Remaining true to their Tejano roots, Los Chavalozz continues to infuse musicality into their new single by showcasing soulful vocals, pure & powerful horns, and passion-driven accordion.

“We are operating on our own at this time, as an indie artist with our indie label,” Garza said. “Since the original days, almost everything about the music business has changed and we are embracing those changes in hopes that our music can get radio and internet play this next go around.”

On the 20th Anniversary of their first commercial album release, Fuego, Los Chavalozz have teamed up with independent label Chingo Tone Records to deliver their unique sound and their unique live shows once again to the Tejano music scene.

“We will be supporting our music live in the coming months and rather than calling it a ‘reunion’, we are simply gearing up to play live for an extended period of time,” Garza added. “We do not want to put any restraints or limits to what this next chapter will hold, nor any end date.”

“Madrecita Querida” is available now at all digital music platforms.

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LISTEN: “Madrecita Querida” — Los Chavalozz

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