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La 45 tributes Latin Breed in new live concert album

La 45, The Next Generation of Chicano Music, paid tribute to legendary band The Latin Breed in new a live concert album.

La 45 paid tribute to legendary band Latin Breed in a live concert album recently released.

There is no greater honor or feeling of accomplishment for a musician than when one’s peers pay homage to their art. La 45 set out to perform the hit songs of one of the most iconic bands of the 1970s Chicano music scene and they have admired and studied for decades, The Latin Breed.

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“It was just a total dream come true, I’m a huge Latin Breed fan,” La 45 co-leader Mike Torres III told Tejano Nation. “Anyone that knows me knows that’s number one and this was something that was super, super close to my heart that I didn’t think I would get to do.”

The live concert album was recorded on December 2, 2018, at Pueblo Hall in San Antonio, Texas. The event was billed as “Take It To The Top” a tribute night to Latin Breed, who are celebrating their 50th anniversary in 2019.

The “Take It To The Top” tribute was the brainchild of the legendary Henry “Pepsi” Peña, Torres and La 45 co-leader John Ontiveros. The Latin Breed was a major influence on the band billed as The Next Generation of Chicano Music.

“Their music left such a mark on the world that it made it through time to us and influenced us so much that we wanted to pay tribute to them,” added Torres. “I thought that there was nothing better that we can do than do what we do best and it’s play music. How do we show these guys the appreciation we have for them? Well, we play their music and show them how much we studied it and how much we tried to emulate them and let them hear how much influence they’ve had on us.”

The Latin Breed have secured several chapters in the history books of Tejano music for their colorful grooves, soulful vocals, and epic entertainment values.

LA 45 are sending huge waves through the Tejano world and beyond. Since their debut performance at the 2017 Tejano Music Awards Fan Fair in San Antonio, this young supergroup has been impressing music lovers with their high energy performances, superior musicianship, and ability to seamlessly fuse the past and the present together while presenting an unforgettable show.

Take It To The Top by LA 45 features some of The Latin Breed’s biggest hits and many B-side fan favorites. It was produced by 14-time Grammy winner Gilbert Velasquez and is available now from Cobra Records at CDBaby and record stores.

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