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Anjelique and Shelly Lares premiere ‘Yo Te Extrañare’ official music video

Anjelique and Shelly Lares release an emotional video for "Yo Te Extañare" duet.

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Anjelique released the official music video for her duet with Shelly Lares, “Yo Te Extañare”, on Sunday.

The emotional song is the latest single from Anjelique’s album Propósito. It was a collaboration that meant so much to many people. Anjelique and Lares share a special bond as both singers recently lost their fathers, who were instrumental in each of their careers.

“This heartfelt song definitely solidified our friendship and bond as sisters in music,” Lares said. “We both lost our dads around the same time and knew that everyone that would hear this and see the video would relate wholeheartedly.”

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The official video, filmed by Ryan Bazan, is an emotional one, with photos shared by fans of loved ones that have passed away shown in the music video.

“Once again thank you to everyone that sent pictures of their beloved family members who have moved on before us to be included in our video,” Anjelique said. “Please accept our condolences of your loss and we hope this video will remind you of the love that your heavenly loved one has for you here!”

Propósito is the third album for Anjelique and follow-up to her sophomore album The Second Act released in 2014, which garnered the singer a nomination for Best New Female Artist at the 2015 Tejano Music Awards and Best New Group nomination for The Sweet City Band. Her debut album Regresa A Mi was released in 2002.

Propósito is available now at all major digital music platforms. Learn more about Anjelique at her official website www.AnjeliqueMusic.com.

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WATCH: “Yo Te Extrañare” — Anjelique featuring Shelly Lares

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