Juan Treviño shares his opinion on current sound of today’s Tejano music

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Juan Treviño | Courtesy photo

Juan Treviño is the man behind many of today’s top Tejano hits. He has written songs for some of Tejano’s biggest stars, including Elida Y Avante, David Lee Garza Y Los Musicales, Jay Perez, Siggno and many more.

The Latin Grammy winner, whose latest single, “Quiero Que Seas Mia”, is currently topping many Tejano radio playlists, shared his opinion on the current sound of today’s Tejano music.

“Today’s Tejano for me is what people, when it came out in the beginning, used to call it Norteño light,” Treviño told Tejano Concerts TV. “I think it evolved that way and it was evolving when they (radio stations) started playing Intenso, Duelo, Solido, and they consider those bands Tejano and that’s really Norteño light.”

Tejano music has always been evolving as the next generation of artists add their own style into the music.

“It’s the new Tejano like the new Country that’s out now,” he added. “It’s the new trend. Nothing wrong with change, I think people got to accept it so it can move on and keep on evolving more.”

Treviño also spoke about his latest projects and much more. Watch the full interview with Juan Treviño on the latest episode of Tejano Concerts TV below.

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