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Marisela premieres ‘Me Esta Gustando’ official music video

Marisela premieres the official music video for "Me Esta Gustando" with Tejano Nation.

Marisela premieres the official music video for “Me Esta Gustando” on Tuesday with Tejano Nation.

“Me Esta Gustando” was written by the legendary songwriter Humberto (Beto) Ramon, known for penning many songs for legendary group Mazz. The song was produced by the internationally famous music producer, Hugo Guerrero, producer of many hits and well known for the hit “La Charanga”.

The music video features Marisela belting out the song at Nightmare Audio Productions studios and filmed and produced by Lupe Moya owner of LM Media Solutions.

Marisela always had a love and passion for music since many of her family members are or have been musicians. She discovered her musical talent at the age of 23 in 1995. After singing in a few backyard BBQs, she joined a karaoke singing contest at a local restaurant belting out a Selena song winning the 1st place prize, a family meal for four.

Her aunt encouraged the McAllen, Texas native to enter the casting call for the Selena movie in San Antonio. She auditioned along with over 2000 other young females. She was called back for a second audition in front of the movie’s producers. (there were 16 call-backs) A few weeks later, she received a call from the producers to notify her that Abraham Quintanilla, Selena’s father, had decided to go with a professional actress from Hollywood.

She began working as a radio personality in 1999 in the Rio Grande Valley, where she received an invitation to sing with Jimmy Gonzalez Y Grupo Mazz. She toured with Grupo Mazz for a couple of years as the backup singer in 2001. Singing with this band had been her first professional singing job and allowed her to experience singing in front of huge audiences.

Learn more about Marisela at her official Facebook page, @Marisela.

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